Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pumps

Cost effective heating for your pool


Go Green!!

We specilaise in the supply and installation of air source heat pumps.


We install Calorex and HeatSeeker heat pumps.



Why choose a heat pump to heat my swimming pool?


As fuel prices increase, it's important that you choose the most effective and energy efficient method of heating your pool. The HeatSeeker less than one-fifth of the electricity of conventional electric heaters.


The efficiency of Heat Pumps is by a 'coefficient of performance' (C.O.P). The HeatSeeker range of heat pumps produce a 5 for every 1kW of electricity consumed. The HeatSeeker will generate 5kW of heat for your pool water, remarkable when you consider that the most efficient electric and gas heaters produce less than 1kW of heating for every 1kW consumed.


The capital outlay of purhcasing a heat pump has, in the past, been higher than other models of heating swimming pool water. As heat pump technology has gained in popularity the cost of the equipment has reduced. It is now possible to buy a quality swimming pool heat pump at an affordable price.



HeatSeeker Sizing Chart


This sizing chart assumes that the desired pool temeprature is 29C, the ambient air temperature is not less than 15C, and that a heat retention cover is used. The unit is suitable for use between April and October, depending on the weather.

How it Works


Swimming pool heat pumps offer an exceptionally efficient and cost effective means of heating pool water. Household refrigerants and air conditioning systems have utilised this technology for decades. The HeatSeeker heat pump simply exracts heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to pool water.


An integral fan draws air across an evaporator, heat from the air flow is captured by the refrigerant flowing through the evaporator. Having extracted the heat from the air, the refrigerant is condensed and its heat then transferred to the passing water via the HeatSeekers heat exchanger.


Heat pump technology is reliable, environmentally friendly and extremely cost effective.



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